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Commerce, among Believers, is absolutely necessary, for us, as saints, to be able to prosper, in a world that hates God, that hates the Word of God (which is referring to the “living” Word of God, or to Jesus, as well as to the “written” Word of God, or to the Holy Bible (with the King James Version being the best version, of course)), and that hates you (given that Satan is the god of this world, and he does NOT love you, or anyone else (including his very best servants (because he is incapable of love)), and given that Satan’s servants act the same way that he does (especially towards those who have taken a stand for the Word of God)).

Now, since we know the Word of God (a little), we know that Satan wants to control “all” commerce.

Well, we do NOT intend to let him do that.  Jesus is the Lord of lords, the King of kings, and the God of gods, and NOT Satan.  And, Jesus wants His true and faithful disciples to prosper, right now (on earth), as well as later (in heaven).  AND, since Christians are the ONLY people, on the entire planet, who have been given power, and authority, over Satan, and over a whole lot more, the future of America, and of the entire world, to a large degree, is actually in our hands (as Believers).  And, if you do NOT know this, beyond a shadow of a doubt, please read Luke 12:49.

Even the least member of the Body of Christ (or the Church) can speak to things, or pray for things, and things will change, because of it (see Mark 11:22-24, and more).

Every member of the Body of Christ is important, including those who work in every legitimate profession, and also in, or for every legitimate enterprise ‐‐ and, by God’s grace, we will help them, to get work, and to prosper, while working, for God’s glory (of which He is worthy), for our benefit (which is God’s will for us, as Christians), and for the sake of the lost (who need us, to prosper, and to be in health, and to be wise, etc., so that we can help them, in any of a HUGE number of ways).

For more information, about what we already are, or will be doing, to help Christian professionals, and business owners, or for information, about products, or services that we, or they might be making available, right now, or for virtually anything else, please contact us.

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