A Few Things About Us

We love Jesus (who is the Jewish Messiah, or Christ).  And, because we love Him, we obey Him.  And, because He has told us certain things (in the “written” Word of God, or in the Holy Bible), we understand, what He has “promised,” to those who choose to OBEY Him (according to John 14:15-26, and more), as well as what He has “promised,” to those who choose to DISOBEY Him (according to Acts 3:22-23, and more).

And, remember:  Jesus is God.  And, God never changes.  And, God is the one from whom all blessings flow.  AND, Jesus has made us many, exceedingly great, and precious promises (see Rom. 8:13-17, Luke 8:19-21, and a whole lot more).

[Note:  In order to see a number of God’s precious “promises,” to those who both believe in Jesus, and obey Him, please click here.]

AND, since Jesus’ yoke is easy, and His burden is light, and His commandments are NOT grievous (or hard), and the potential rewards for obedience are so amazing, we are actively engaged in helping others, to be on fire for Jesus, like we are, and to be HOT for God, in their works, like we are, so that all of us might be pleasing to Jesus, and so that all of us might be found “worthy” of getting into heaven, and of escaping what is coming, and of being rewarded, both now (on earth), and later (in heaven).

[Note:  Those who have believed the lie, that our works are NOT important, should read Revelation 2-3, where Jesus mentions work, or works 12 times, in association with even being able to get into heaven, as Christians, as well as Luke 21:36, where Jesus tells us, that we may NOT be found worthy of escaping, what is coming, or of getting into heaven, if we do NOT watch, and pray always.  These scriptures make it clear, that we must be extremely careful, about who we listen to, and obey.  In short, if we obey Jesus, we are His servants; but, if we obey Satan, we are his servants (see Rom. 6:16), and we will be rewarded, accordingly (see Mat. 16:24-27, Mat. 10:16-42, Heb. 10:23-31, Heb. 12:11-29, 2Cor. 5:1-11, and more).]

Everyone needs Jesus, as his Savior, and Lord.  And, everyone must obey Jesus ‐‐ that, or he will be destroyed, from among God’s people (see Acts 3:22-23).  And, today, God’s people are called Believers, or Christians (see 1Pet. 2:1-10, etc.).

If you have any questions, about what we believe, or why, or about what each of us must do, to obey Jesus, or to catch the “fire,” or to share the HEAT, or about what we actually do, as a group, or about any of a number of other things, please contact us.

And, to contact us, please click here.



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